Will Canada continue to be a tool for Zionism?

by humblesmugdotme

Elizabeth May is a victim, just like everyone else. She isn’t being droned to death, nor are her family members being executed in the streets. But, she has stated that she doesn’t even enjoy her job as a politician, yet here she is, still politicizing, with an unenjoyable goal and a deadline. Since humanity is reaching its boiling point; and since this planet will become unfitting for children and grandchildren to live healthily; and because of the capitalist catastrophe, which values a monetary system more than the actual habitat of mankind; and because there are organizations rising up to really drive change—and because the window is so short until it’s too late…. Isn’t it time for Canadians to question, clarify, and alter detrimental government operations, lest Canada continues upon its neoconservative foreign policy agenda of arms dealings and Israel’s regional dominance?

What is it that Canada’s “elites” want over the next half decade or more? This word, “elites,” has become cliche, and if one wanted to, they could be pedantic at the use of it. Not anybody can simply put forth all of the evidence in the world that there are “elites.” The “elites” in Canada are very well hidden, more so than in other nations, especially the USA. In Canada, they aren’t out in the open, except when donating millions of dollars to universities, for example, only to then revoke such luxuriousness at the hint of anything related to the advocacy of Palestinian human rights.

Did you know that they’re working on space travel that could cover distances fast enough so that it would take a mere two days to reach Mars? Maybe these “elites” are prepared for what comes next. All of the ordinary people, however, will be dead by the time space colonization begins—by Earthlings, that is—or, they’ll be left to die on Earth once all of the oil has been extracted from underground.

The success of Zionist lobbying in Canada is not totally undocumented. Here’s an excerpt from a piece by an investigative journalist, who provides a concrete report on some of the elites that operate out of Canada:

“One special interest group in particular that has considerable pull on Ottawa is the Zionist lobby. This lobby is not only comprised of dozens of powerful pro-Israel pressure groups such as B’nai B’rith Canada, Canada-Israel Committee and the Canadian Jewish Public Affairs Committee, but is also made up of powerful Jewish financial tycoons and media owners who are actively involved in pro-Israel campaigning and lobbying. Author Yves Engler documented the extensive reach and breadth of these Zionist forces in his book Canada and Israel: Building Apartheid. For example, the prominent Toronto Jewish couple Heather Reisman and Gerry Schwartz, the primary shareholders of Chapters/Indigo, have been deeply engaged in pro-Israel activities in Canada. They even run a charity called “Heseg Foundation for Lone Soldiers,” which provides scholarship money to Canadian Jews who join and fight in the Israeli military. […] In 2005, then-Bank of Montreal President Tony Comper, an outspoken pro-Zionist fanatic, formed a group called FAST (Fighting Anti-Semitism Together), which prides itself as “a coalition of non-Jewish Canadian business and community leaders who have vowed to speak out against anti-Semitism.” Most of the leaders of Canada’s major banks and corporations are members of the group, showcasing their subservience to Canada’s Zionist elite.”

The theory that the establishment rules in such a grotesque manner is not at all absurd. It’s unfortunate that the masses are subject to intense brainwashing and a wicked marketing scheme meant to ensure that people think that purchasing products will find them happiness. 

Shouldn’t some alarm bells be sounded when the leader of a federal party publicly admits that she does not enjoy her job as a politician, yet stays on as leader? She said that it turned out that people liked her, and didn’t want her to go. Which people could Elizabeth May be referring to? Because the millions of Canadians waiting for a political party that is not bought off like the rest of them sure aren’t begging her to stay. The answer lies in who would stand to lose if there was a new leader. The green party has a much  greater chance than the NDP for example of electing a moral human being who believes in international laws and human rights and realizes that a proper foreign policy is also tantamount to a healthy environment. 

Creating a sustainable environment and a healthier planet without human rights violators and wars and pollution cannot be achieved if the “elites” are to get what they want. If the GPC cannot fearlessly adopt a courageous foreign policy platform—like those adopted in the USA and the UK—then it will essentially continue to be irrelevant. This is precisely the point, however, since the “elites” would prefer it that way. If Elizabeth May stays on as the GPC leader for years to come, she will be dragging down the party in the polls, in total contrast to how the GPC would perform in the polls if progressiveness were to be sincerely shown by the federal party leader as well as the entire party ideally. 

The resistance of today against the establishment will decide the future. It is easy to see that what those ruling Canada would prefer to happen is for all of the federal parties to be promising to constantly be Israel’s greatest ally, a situation where Justin Trudeau’s neoliberal faux progressive politics is the worst-case scenario. The “elites” don’t want the Green Party to have a real leader like how there are other real leaders in other nations. Canada is a developed nation with immense power both politically and economically, and it has so far awarded Israel among other human rights violators with total impunity and support. That changing would hurt everyone who has the most money—the banks, the media, the big businesses. 

It doesn’t sound like May’s bosses are letting her resign—not just yet. Israel lobbyists and their financiers would be in grave danger of the political vacuum on the left producing a candidate that could thwart Trudeau’s charm. May’s job and actions are about achieving the status quo now. That’s all that she is good for to those who accuse her of being an alcoholic and an anti-semite if she doesn’t agree to comply with their ethnocentric agenda. May is a pawn for the “elites” in their fight to maintain the status quo.