A response to E. May’s email begging for votes

by humblesmugdotme

Dear E. May:

As a member of the GPC, I am disgusted at the strategy and actions you have taken since the August convention, where a mild version of BDS was adopted through a natural and democratic process. If this policy had not passed, everybody knows that you would not be causing the ruckus you are causing now on behalf of the Israel lobby. 

I will not be voting against roberts rules, and I and many other GPC members will not be cooperative in your scheme to overturn the BDS policy, or water it down (it cannot be watered down, as it has been already to the highest degree possible). It is clear that the Israel lobby will not allow any supportive reference to BDS within Canadian politics, as it would draw more attention to the disgusting and atrocious war crimes that the inherently racist and barbaric zionist regime commits on a daily basis. The Israel lobby, however, is out of luck, since Canadians are well equipped and not easily controlled by their ethnocratic politics, like you and the rest of the Canadian politicians are. 

I hope you are aware that many of the GPC members like myself are totally unhappy with your actions and statements thus far. We do not intend on making this situation easy for yourself and the Israel lobbyists who you and all Canadian politicians serve in secrecy. I am a younger person, but I can see many older folks in the GPC are disgusted with what you are doing, and are working hard to have the BDS policy pass yet again in December.

I sincerely hope that in the near future you will no longer be the leader of the GPC. Rather than take advantage of this rare opportunity of the vacuum on the Left in Canadian politics, you have chosen to serve Israel in its perpetual war to preserve the status quo. While Canada awaits its Jill Stein or Jeremy Corbyn to steer Canadians to a sustainable future, you are busy pandering to zionist shills who continue an expansionist agenda in the middle east, causing a refugee crisis while battling for regional dominance to ensure more fracking and pipeline building. Your actions are incredibly hypocritical considering your stance on climate change. Climate change and the Israel expansionist agenda are related. Canadians cannot sincerely support a cleaner environment while its politicians continue to remain complicit in war and oppression in the middle east where more fracking and pipeline building is set to occur. Let us not forget that the entire situation in Syria is due to the US and Israel’s disdain for Syria’s leadership possibly building a pipeline in coordination with Russia’s interests, rather than America’s. Furthermore, for many years now, there has been a zionist plot to rearrange the middle east in relation to Israel’s regional dominance and strategic interests. This is unacceptable and is steering our planet in an irreversible direction which will result in a habitat unfit for human beings to live in.

In summation: Israel’s continuos collective punishment and military occupation will be ending. Your criticisms of Israel amount to nothing, just as the Obama administration’s does, because empty words give Israel the green light. You cannot criticize Israel and then go ahead and overturn a BDS policy that your membership democratically voted for, and then say that this isn’t the way to get Israel to abide by international law. This IS the way, the only way, and your resistance against this grassroots BDS movement shows your true colours. 

Maybe you will end up booting me from the party, but I cannot wait until a real progressive leader is at the helm of the GPC.