The GPC should not politely debate fanatical zionists

by humblesmugdotme

Ending zionism may not be every GPC member’s top priority, nor does it have to be. On the other hand, it should be considered acceptable for a GPC member to be fully devoted to Palestinian human rights advocacy. It’s been suggested that one-issue voters have highjacked the GPC, but this is merely an interpretation by the powerful and the easily swayed who refuse to open their eyes to mankind’s impending doom. It could be interpreted, also and in contrast, that Palestinian human rights advocacy and the resistance against zionist apartheid draws people to a political party because this is an issue that has not been addressed in any meaningful way in the past several decades. Even the slightest inclination of a Federal party aiming for impartial foreign policy is enough to garner support from the millions of Canadians who have been led to a state of apathetic hopelessness—the Canadian government says Palestinians are terrorists and zionists are benign, and that’s that. Israel is a democracy, they say, the only democracy that militarily occupies people and places refugees from surrounding unstable nations into modern day concentration camps, while everyday zionist politicians hurl racist rhetoric which incites a predominantly racist Israeli society into, for example, deeming that the execution of a motionless Palestinian is morally acceptable. 

GPC members are not doing themselves favours by politely telling zionist fanatics—yes, zionist fanatics—that they are willing to discuss with them their occupation denial in typical Canadian fashion—with their permission, and of course willing to cease the debate at the request of the zionist fanatic(s) in question if it gets too much for said fanatic to handle. God forbid zionism’s apologists be prodded out of their deluded mental comfort zone by facts. You see, words are more harmful than racist politicians and militarized aggression and collective punishment.

The membership so nicely accepts the anti-BDS crowd at their town halls; they let them have time with the mic, and the zionist spokespersons then speak with such conviction, maybe enough to distort what’s really going on to the general public. These people, of course, have access to prominent media companies. The anti-BDS are even permitted to state their unjustifiable arguments without much of a response back at these town halls. “Tell me of any nation that upholds the rule of law as much as Israel does,” they hurl, without even the slightest retort on how remarkably stupid such a statement is. Recently, GPC members commented on a zionist fanatic’s Facebook post which aimed to shut down a BDS town hall meeting. The zionist fanatics in question openly denied the existence of the military occupation of Palestine. They even went so far as to compare Israel’s war crimes with what’s happening in Syria. This will be a go-to tactic for the mentally impaired radicals that have somehow wound up justifying to themselves that the wholesale slaughter of children is a non-issue because “Israel just wants to defend itself, and after all, Israel is the only bonafide white supremacist country in the world. Just leave us be.” “The Holocaust happened,” they say, “and so the Jews have fled some place else, where they should be permitted to massacre and colonize with impunity. Look at Syria,” they go on, like Israel lobby robots, “and the Syrians that are being admitted to other nations. Why is it that the Jews cannot live atop the blood and bones of Palestinians in peace?”

Obviously Syrian refugees have not set up camp and militarily occupied millions of people in Europe and America, but this is besides the point to the zionist fanatics. Syrian refugees, last time I checked, do not consist of militias that massacre civilian villages and usurp land. Millions of people around the world are not being coerced out of their communities and cities due to the refugee crisis. 

Discussions with these fanatics gets out of hand fast. The reason for this is that Israel’s supporters are so absurd in their arguments and their lack of counterarguments. Many people now are thankfully aware that the zionist cause is indeed barbaric and morally indefensible. The arguments quickly become people screaming in frustration because one side cannot even acknowledge the points of the other, and not because they don’t want to, but because they logically cannot. It’s impossible to posit sound arguments to defend what the zionist regime has done and continues to do. It’s been demonstrated even at the GPC federal elite level, with E. May supporting former soldiers’ attempts at ending the occupation over the grassroots BDS movement, and the anti-BDS speakers at debates twiddling their thumbs searching for non-existent reasons why BDS should not be supported by the GPC. 

Being polite to these people is the wrong thing to do because they do not address the facts that expose the racist zionist regime. They deny the occupation—which is unquestionably and internationally regarded as a factual event which is ongoing. The other arguments they pose also insult the intelligence of those whom kindly reply to such rhetoric. These people, the fanatical zionists, don’t intend to see reason or to change their ways. GPC members trying to hash it out nicely actually gives these people the upper hand. They aren’t going to budge, ever, and they’ve had the ability to keep Canadian citizens mostly blind to how the Canadian government has become a tool for zionism, and they’re going to continue to try to beat the progressive revolution in Canadian politics. 

Being nice isn’t going to solve anything. But what will? Maybe it’ll be the millennials who save society with their annoying polemic complaining and rejection of pedantry from critics. The problems the world is facing are so glaring. It’s a non-argument when it comes to Israel in its current state; no modern day regime should militarily occupy and collectively punish millions, effectively colonizing them.

No, zionist fanatics, you are not being taken seriously. And nobody’s going to have a polite debate with you, because the atrocities which you support are indefensible.