Justin Trudeau is a cartoon character

by humblesmugdotme

With his endless personas, Justin Trudeau has turned out to be the silliest of characters, one that could easily be featured on the adult animated show South Park. It’s impossible to actually hate him because he’s so silly. In fact, despite the bad things he’s done, I still imagine I could enjoy a few minutes of talking with him.

It was oddly totally accepted when Trudeau and his supporters, at around the time that he was elected, openly professed that they were not interested in discussing any long term issues. The focus, according to Trudeau himself, was explaining to Canadians what his Liberal government would achieve for them immediately. Trudeau was referring probably mostly to the legalization of marijuana—and that, by the looks of it, will take close to three years to complete, just in time for the next election, where Trudeau will point at this relatively recent victory to garner most of the same supporters from the last election. Furthermore, the legalization of pot could lead to greater apathy and less resistance from the average Canadian citizen who probably smokes pot. 

At this point in a Justin Trudeau compilation, Trudeau flexes his acting muscles to exemplify himself as a true and pure Canadian patriot. For Trudeau, it is presupposed that he loves Canada and that Canada loves him. It is also presupposed that Canada is supremely tolerant; that it of all the nations knows how to handle “cold winters in the mountains,” Trudeau’s figurative summary for what Syrian refugees are experiencing. 

At this Eid celebration dinner, Trudeau’s speech was beyond rehearsed—the slow even pace with which he spoke; the tone he used throughout, which was that of a rich child indignant at Canada’s multicultural societies’ dissatisfaction. When he was heckled by an angry Arab in the crowd, who undoubtedly realized that Justin Trudeau was offering peace in only words at this event (while his party and the rest of the government enabled the total opposite of what was said), Trudeau powerfully spoke over him: “I offer you peace, brother. Peace.” Trudeau said that there could never be a military solution to the Palestinian issue. This was his method of developing a non-violent stance for this speech. Meanwhile, the reality is that the zionist regime is doing exactly that—militarily occupying the Palestinian people, who do not have a military, and are technically considered sub human, without rights. The Prime Minister’s expectation that Canadians will blindly believe his benevolent words while situations stay the same is insulting.

Trudeau’s performances are at another level. Take his brief scientific comments on computers, binary systems, and quantum physics—he is capable of speaking with conviction even though he’s stupid. This time he was a genius, impressively having memorized his explanation and delivering it flawlessly for his audience, and thereby garnering widespread media acclamation.

The times when it doesn’t go his way, Trudeau will stammer along with an “ah” and an “um” and some head movement, and will offer a non-answer. And some of his media performances ring hollow—not even funny in the stupid sense. Like his opening of the press gallery dinner: “Hey, boys,” an indicator of his overall arrogance in the presence of his peers, who to him, might as well be his high school gym class. Even worse so was his groping of his wife’s buttocks (not that that’s overly offensive or anything—it’s simply bad comedy). The fact that the ruling party must host a stand up segment starring their oblivious puppet leader and his singing wife should not sit well with anybody. A government acting in accordance with corporate interests can’t be allowed to get by with bad jokes.

Canada’s politicians have it easy because they never have to answer for the real problems on national television. The Prime Minister will sooner be asked who his favourite comic book character is or if he’s a feminist before being asked about the oppressive military operations of his allies. Trudeau is an expert liar, and so he fits into this cataclysm perfectly. He claims to be an advocate for people’s rights—except for the people who don’t have rights. He’s a show put forth by an expert public relations industry. He struggles to answer questions, and the way he speaks and acts in public with his never ending jubilance and enthusiasm and head movements will continue to make him a silly character. Perhaps it is that silliness which keeps most Canadians from seething at his nonsense and uselessness. I, for example, can see right through Justin Trudeau, and it makes me sad and disappointed. But, he makes me laugh because of how stupid funny he is. Are the video compilations on YouTube of Justin Trudeau apologizing one hundred times not funny? Of his taking part of every single cultural event and butchering foreign languages? And deeming himself a feminist? Are the ridiculous contradictions that he makes not funny? What about when he pronounced the word “heir” as “hair”? His facial expressions and the way he dances and boxes—he’s flamboyant with bad balance, and it’s even more magnified when his hair is so long that it bounces around his head.

Millennials are starting to despise Justin Trudeau. He was heckled not too long ago. They were screaming that he was like Harper, and he replied that his government was trying to have open dialogue with the people, which is somewhat true since Harper was a borderline fascist, but the Liberals will not be having open discussions with the public about the real problems which are controversial only because of the political and economic entities who say so (with all their financial might). 

There was one millennial in the audience who refused to ask his question because he was certain Trudeau would interrupt him. This appeared to be more so cold feet on the citizen’s part, and yet Trudeau took full advantage in his masterful manipulation of the crowd. “Ask your question, brother,” Trudeau said, “you have the opportunity to ask the Prime Minister a question. Ask, brother.”

The issue with the Liberals’ alleged transparency is that Trudeau doesn’t answer questions. He couldn’t even answer a question about Americans moving to Canada if Trump was elected. He states the obvious—that there will never be peace to conflicts through military actions, and yet he sells weapons to human rights violators. He will then call himself a feminist while those weapons are used to murder men, women, and children. Trudeau thinks that because of how happy and energetic and friendly he is to local Canadians, he can call himself a progressive.  He is a walking contradiction with a fragile ego that swerves between having to answer questions because either he doesn’t know the answers, or the solutions to those problem will never truly be addressed by Canada’s shadow government.

Trudeau’s success and popularity, hopefully, will diminish. Meanwhile, it’s smooth sailing for those in control of the Canadian government. No one in power is even remotely considering a political transformation. The GPC leader, E. May, seems to be consistently caught in the background of televised Justin Trudeau moments throughout the years—they are colleagues, and friends. Her head is cocked cutely and perfectly at President Obama in a photo included with her personal platform, where she vows to “roll back” a grassroots led policy democratically passed by her own party. The expression of eternal friendship and loyalty etches across E. May’s persona as she greets Obama. Canadians know no justice or fairness while stuck in this media-fabricated cartoon reality, and Justin Trudeau and his political peers’ roles are at their peak. It’s been suggested that the leaders of nations are practically money launderers. In addition to that, Justin Trudeau and many of his colleagues are clowns. Will this silly circus ever end?