Should the GPC penalize members who deny cause for BDS and reject importance of progressive foreign policy?

by humblesmugdotme

Look folks, this party has become a charade in the past few months (no offense). I may be as active as I can be, but make no mistake, that’s because civilization might hit its boiling point in my lifetime and I want to know that I at least tried. The whole internal fight between the GPC membership would be pointless if not for the persistent and smart efforts of those few fearless moral people who have managed to steer the party onto the progressive path of impartial and honest dialogue (thanks, by the way). 

It can’t come as a shock to anybody that has been witness to the zionist regime’s ongoing massacre of the Palestinian people that Israel’s apologists will always accuse the Palestinian people and the advocates of their basic human rights of what they (the zionist regime) are in fact guilty of. Anyone who complains that Israel ethnically cleanses a country and collectively punishes those indigenous people who have not yet been exterminated is called an anti-semite. Those who state the fact that the zionist regime’s settlements are a war crime are then accused by war criminals to be war criminals who are calling for the genocide of Jews.

The “Inclusive Action Group” seemingly created by members of the GPC members falls into this category. This phoney inclusive action group claims to consist of grassroots individuals—just watch as they staunchly oppose a grassroots movement that is on pace to help bring justice to those being oppressed by the most racist and right-wing regime on the planet. BDS, these frauds claim, “discriminates based on national origin.” Herein lies the tenants of the BDS grassroots movement targeted at Israel: Ending its occupation and colonization of all Arab lands and dismantling the Wall; Recognizing the fundamental rights of the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel to full equality; Respecting, protecting and promoting the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties as stipulated in UN Resolution 194. 

Since BDS targets oppressive policy and actions, such as those which are defined to be illegal under international law, then BDS is in fact not discriminating against national origin. It is simply requesting that international law be upheld while human rights are granted. Therein lies the absurd irony—that it is the zionist regime which undoubtedly discriminates based on national origin—especially that of the Palestinian.

BDS “imposes collective punishment on all Israelis”—the trademark of Israel apologists. Many of my fellow GPC members who support Palestinian human rights seem to think that these zionist apologists are harmless misinformed people. But when they so audaciously make claims like “BDS collectively punishes all Israelis,” it becomes increasingly possible that these people know very well what they’re doing—they’re helping the oppressor. The zionist regime clearly collectively punishes the Palestinian population. Palestinians are refused their human rights in order to sustain the fake Jewish majority of the anti-semitic self proclaimed “Jewish state.”

BDS seeks to “import the Middle East conflict into Canada by illegitimately targeting businesses, universities, and civil society institutions.” The same BDS which was targeted at South Africa? When one side militarily occupies the other and colonizes their land, BDS is hardly illegitimate. 

Canada already imports Middle Eastern conflict in its complicity in Israel’s crimes against humanity. I pray we don’t have terrorist attacks in Canada (or anywhere), but Canada’s status-quo policy on Israel is what creates terror. The more friends and family killed by Israel with permission from its allies like Canada, the more terrorists there will be. It’s simple logic and it can be applied to all those affected by American hegemony and proxy militaristic states. 

This pathetic inclusive action group “believes in dialogue, not discrimination.” Dialogue about anything other than Israel’s abhorrent behaviour to non-white Jews, and discrimination only against those who support Palestinian human rights. This Israel lobby sham wants “a party focused on serious policies, not personal agendas,” because it’s wrong for Canada’s Green Party to care about its citizens who are affected by Canada’s tacit support for the barbaric zionist regime (sarcasm).  “We expect our party to show openness, not exclusion”—it’s just that the GPC should not discuss the ethical and moral imperative for Palestinian human rights and an end to zionist oppression. The only people excluded should be those who question Israel in its current rogue state. 

If someone denies the Holocaust, they get booted from the party (with good reason, obviously). If someone says something anti-semitic or racist, they also get booted. Even if somebody says something that’s actually not anti-semitic, but makes the powerful anti-semites of today upset, they’ll get the damn boot. The point is, if some GPC members are outright lying that “BDS collectively punishes all Israelis,” and that BDS “discriminates against national origin,” then they too, should also get the boot. I know it’s not going to happen, considering the damn leader her fucking self opposed official party policy and then threatened to quit her job on national TV because Israel lobby cowards will have to end their apartheid system within the next decade.

The pro-Israel will get its voice in the GPC, because we need to hear all sides, no doubt. Because there are two sides to every issue. But here’s the thing: there’s no two sides to a military occupation; there’s the occupied people, and the occupier. There’s no two sides to an apartheid policy—there’s those being oppressed, and those oppressing. 

In order to even think about becoming a respectable party again, the GPC must find a way to stand firm against the ridiculous antics of its fanatical pro-Israel minority. I’ll just say it—this isn’t the party for them. This isn’t some “one issue pro-Israel party.” This is the Green Party, where we strive to address climate change, and promote justice, human rights, and equality for all. There’s no cap on what the GPC can achieve—and there shouldn’t be. This is why the GPC embraces BDS. It is the one issue many elites demand utmost firmness on—the white nationalist ethnocentric state must live on.