Reject Pedantry

Yes, I hate the government. No, I am not going to be nice about it.

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I perform activism by sending hateful Tweets and emails to bigoted politicians.

#BlackLivesMatter and #FreePalestine.

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The first blog posted on this website was called “Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi–Not Bad Guys?” and it’s mostly an ironic headline but at the same time what happened to these people was tragic although they may have done some bad things but they kept their countries intact. It’s not nice that the USA and Israel and their gulf allies invade countries at will and execute foreign government leaderships. 

I have mixed emotions towards “old people” because a lot of random old people that I encounter are misinformed right wingers, but I’ve also met a fair amount of old people who are mobilizing others and professionally combatting the zionist holdover of Canadian politics (among other things). I absolutely am a snarky know-it-all but I also take to heart the Socrates quote: I know that I know nothing.