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What really happened at the Canadian green party convention

The Canadian Greens endorsed BDS, which is big news because Canada in its entirety has proven to be a useful tool for the Israel and neoconservative lobby groups and think tanks which have politicians so scared and under complete control. Elizabeth May, who leads the green party, and wishes to step down, perhaps because she cannot carry the weight of openly being a real activist, told the news that she was disappointed her own party voted so strongly to endorse BDS. Other members of the green party voiced their disappointment as well.

The greens supporting BDS doesn’t do much. It is a nice victory, for sure. But, the federal government and the lobbyists have sheer power on their side. There could be a green party coup before you know it. Only a few years ago was the party led by a staunch zionist named Paul Estrin. My point is there’s a chance this will be overturned later on. And, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne along with MPPs like Gila Martow are busy consistently pandering to Israel. So is the Prime Minister himself. In fact, these evil politicians aim to outlaw BDS, despite many unions and organizations in Canada fully endorsing BDS.

The greens understandably are under huge pressure by the aforementioned Israel lobby, which has a very strong influence in Canada, just as it does in America. These lobbyists and leaders of foundations that throw secret fundraisers for politicians coincidentally have the ability to whenever they want write for propaganda outlets. Michael Mostyn, chief executive officer of Jewish organization B’nai Brith Canada, called the Green Party’s position on BDS “antisemitic.” This man claims to speak on behalf of world Jewry. His entire career is to ensure that the racist zionist regime of “Israel” can continue to commit its indefinite military occupation and apartheid of the Palestinian people without any repercussions for “Israel” by the international community. This is why the lobbyists never mention the atrocities zionist extremists have taken part in, like assassinating entire families, leaving only their baby alive; or any other example that happens on a daily basis, such as the execution of a motionless injured Palestinian caught on video. 

We are talking about the regime that murdered children in front of Western TV reporters, and then ruled that it, the oppressive regime, had been justified.

Another lobbyist, Avi Benlolo, who heads FSWC, another lobby group, who claims to be a human rights activist, who often times posts entries in the Canadian Jewish News, for example, is also allegedly livid with the green party. These men, along with many other men and women whose sole profession is to lobby for a totally pro-Israel foreign policy within Canada, call BDS antisemitic, and associate the movement with terror. The irony of this, of course, is that these people and their zionist organizations, are the most antisemitic–they are justifying modern day genocide as well as an expansionist globalist agenda in the middle east, with having the one and only Jewish state. They have colonized an entire people and militarily occupied them in the name of Jews.

The problem zionists are facing today is that the white Jewish immigrants they brought from Europe are still outnumbered by the indigenous Palestinians. If the zionist regime were to cease its occupation, it would be forced to either allow all Palestinians the right to vote in Israel, or it must accept an actual Palestinian state, which does not appear feasible considering how relatively small Palestine is in its entirety. What “Israel” does now, though, is oppress an entire people through military rule, thus denying them basic human rights, therefore considering them subhuman. If they’re subhuman, then “Israel” is technically a Jewish state, right? Most of the Arabs don’t count. Often times, they are busy being bombed just a couple blocks away. 

Here are the tenants of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement: Ending its occupation and colonization of all Arab lands and dismantling the Wall; Recognizing the fundamental rights of the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel to full equality; Respecting, protecting and promoting the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties as stipulated in UN Resolution 194.

Obviously BDS is not antisemitic, and it is in fact the zionist lobby which is antisemitic, along with the gangster state called “Israel” in its current fascist form. Zionists call BDS antisemitic, however. The tenants, clearly though, do not list anything about Judaism, or any religion for that matter. How can a movement which calls for basic human rights be antisemitic? It doesn’t even mention the Jewish religion. It should indicate to one with a proper functioning brain that those in power don’t like human rights. They like dividing the masses and exploiting countries for their resources. 

To give an example of propaganda, the CBC finished off its lame report on the greens’ policy decision with the following: “In May more than 1,500 students filled the United Nations General Assembly for a conference sponsored by the Israeli mission on how best to combat the movement on many U.S. campuses.” The reality is, the UN is literally funded and controlled by corporate and political elites–right wingers and dictators. And the 1500 students are nothing compared to the amount of students and young people that oppose zionist crimes and the occupation. The CBC chose not to report that the great Demond Tutu endorses BDS, nor that the Black Lives Matter movement does as well, as well as so many others. In its propaganda piece, the CBC gave ignorant viewers a few facts, framing them in a way that paints “Israel” as the victim, whereas it is the Palestinians who lack basic human right and are bombed in their sleep by the thousands. 

What really happened at the green party convention is this: the members gathered and 300 delegates debated, and they were heated debates with a lot of bickering. The greens who opposed this resolution were in for a pay day. That’s kind of what politicians do–look for opportunistic moments and take them. May herself didn’t want this result. But her friend, Corey Levine, who I mistook for a man in my tweet, put forth the BDS and JNF proposals, and for her and many other members, as well as many other Canadians, this was very important and defining. Thankfully, May’s career isn’t so vivid and glorious, since she’s often times slandered for non-BDS related things anyway, and she was able to put aside her ego and allow her party to develop in the way a majority of them had decided to. I would also thank May for clearly indicating to the press that BDS is within the charter of rights and freedoms, insinuating that it truly would be draconian for Trudeau and Wynne to seriously put forth a resolution outlawing BDS in Canada.

With BDS as part of its policy, the greens may win over some votes, and if electoral reform is to take place, that will have the green party poised to use some real political power. There’s still a long way to go, and I have my doubts, but at least this is something. However, with the way members of the greens are talking, like the BDS strategy being “ineffective,” or that endorsing it is a “risky strategy,” I wouldn’t be utterly shocked if the greens, once having some amount of power, overturned this BDS policy

Why I’m OK with Laura Marling blocking me on Twitter

Indeed, I am a fanatical Laura Marling fan. Maybe it’ll wear off after a couple of decades (once I’m dead and gone), but she creates incredible music and I have learned how to play various songs in different tunings whilst admiring and learning from her.

I was shocked to see that Laura Marling read one of Ayaan Hirsi’s books. Although Laura doesn’t know that I even exist, I have been listening to her music quite religiously for a few years, and after watching YouTube videos, and after sometimes researching to learn a thing or two about what she’s really like, I honestly feel as though she is a great human being. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think that she is smart, and she is not an apparent sell out; her interviews are very scarce and she says very little most of the time. There is something about her unwillingness to allow the public to take from her what she’s unwilling to give. She is a strong woman; she is a role model. Laura, like many talented artists, proves that if you devote yourself to something, it’ll take you somewhere, considering that she’s been a working musician since the age of sixteen.

Yes, I freaked out over this Tweet. As an activist, it is a great fear of mine to discover that somebody who I truly admire has become tricked into linking to and therefore vouching for a literal bigot, pundit, racist, and/or terrorist. Hirsi’s propaganda and Islamaphobia are one of many tools used by the corporate and political elites ruling over the masses. Not only did I notify Laura’s Twitter account of her awful mistake in linking to a legitimate zionist for my own activism, I did so because Laura herself deserves better than this; she deserves better than to be reading a recycled memoir put together by a bunch of hacks working towards a neoconservative platform.

Mere days after Hirsi posted her latest viciously right wing Tweets inciting hatred and division, Laura shared her enthusiasm. I only wonder if Laura took the time to even visit Ayaan’s Twitter page, to see it laden with explicitly racist rhetoric towards Muslim people.










This woman works on behalf of lobbyists and the like; she is backed up heavily by neoconservatives who wish that America would go to war with the entire Middle East, milk its resources, and then redivide it according to “Israel’s” national interests. Interpreting her propaganda, she will use anything she can to stir hatred; she very clearly speculates whether or not to use jihadist when referring to the recent Orlando shootings. This is not a conspiracy; these are simply facts. Thankfully Hirsi was denied a degree from Brandeis university for spouting her vile doctrine: 

“Violence is inherent in Islam – it’s a destructive, nihilistic cult of death. It legitimates murder … the battle against terrorism will ultimately be lost unless we realize that it’s not just with extremist elements within Islam, but the ideology of Islam itself …”

It should come to a shock to my few friends that I am not so rattled at being blocked by Laura Marling. I’ll explain why. First, this is not the first time I have been blocked by a noteworthy person (a more noteworthy person than myself, I mean). I have been blocked by all of Jon “Bones” Jones; Ingrid “overproduced” Michaelson; and now Marling. I’m not new to this gig. People have thin skin (myself included), and while I was almost finished ranting at Laura’s apparent praise of an evil person, I understand that if proper English folk are receiving messages they don’t like, they’ll use any easy means available to silence a measly critic like myself.

Secondly, Laura Marling’s Twitter page isn’t even that great. In fact, her whole social media outside of Instagram leaves a lot to be desired. She’s gone on record to state that she dislikes social media, so to speak. Her Twitter page didn’t contribute much to my Twitter account, and I can still keep up with her posts on Instagram, where I will spectate in peace and quiet for fear of a multi-platform blocking spree. (Please don’t do it. Forgive me. I won’t do it again. I will just stay silent from now on.)

And thirdly; though I love Laura despite her mistake in this instance, activism is more important than the fear of what happens for being candid and speaking up. Despite the fact that I only have fifty Twitter followers, I knew Laura and/or her social media manager would be uncomfortable with my resistance to her mild Ayaan Hirsi dogma. But I am confident that she will learn more about this witch whom she must have accidentally endorsed. It is widely known how much of an evil corrupt human Hirsi is…..

“when neoconservatives and Iraq War cheerleaders rise to defend her, they aren’t defending freedom of expression, or the prerogative to call a violent ideology what it is. They are defending the sanctity of their own jihad.”

The hunt for pro-Palestinians: A Canadian Perspective

The Zionist regime has been undergoing some serious blows over the past few years. The generations of young people are progressively becoming more aware of the harsh realities that the ruling elite preside over. The hardest resistance Zionism faces is that of the many Jews who oppose Zionism, often times exposing Zionism for being antisemitic. Twitter sensations like Bethany Koval seem to be appearing more frequently, forming a legitimate and intimidating resistance against neoliberal and right wing pundits alike. A social media tool like Twitter allows users—anti capitalist activists, for instance—to quite frankly cyber-harass the millionaires and billionaires who opt for laws and legislature that benefit the biggest benefactors of capitalism.

Dissent can catch wind quickly and domestic resistance isn’t exactly ideal for the authorities pilfering at the expense of the less wealthy. The last thing Canada’s politicians want is some impartial media and institutional takes on “Israel/Palestine.” How could Canada’s Israel lobby—the likes of FSWC, JDL, and B’Nai Brith—withstand such disobedience; after all, their entire function is to lobby for a pro-Israel agenda within the Canadian government, thus spreading to all facets of society.

BDS has become a huge threat to Zionism. Canada’s Israel lobby is waging war against universities like McGill and York. In 2015, a Zionist extremist harassed the University of Toronto Scarborough campus’s student union. He stole a poster displaying that the university profited from Israeli apartheid, and later uploaded footage of himself urinating upon it.

The Israel lobby pressures institutions, unions, prominent groups or peoples, and politicians, into holding staunchly pro-Israeli views. Naturally, think tanks like these have tens of millions of dollars at their disposal, if not billions of dollars, with Zionist moguls like Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban intermingled with presidential candidates.

In Ontario, Canada, only recently did Zionist spokesperson and MPP Tim Hudak propose a draconian bill, which was luckily voted down since it clearly infringed upon free speech and the right to hold a political opinion. A few months ago, however, Justin Trudeau oversaw a motion condemning BDS. Also recently, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne led a delegation of business types to Israel to sign off on millions of dollars’ worth of investments.

The lobbyists are key to this wicked scheme: Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies (FSWC); Paul Bronfan, who is affiliated with FSWC, and who is a top film executive, withdrew donations to York University, because of a mural which depicted a Palestinian holding a rock behind his back while watching an Israeli bulldozer in the distance.

On FSWC’s official website, Avi Benlolo, the president and CEO of FSWC, is proclaimed to he an advocate for “tolerance, freedom, democracy, and human rights” and his “academic focus includes in-depth research on the Holocaust, anti-Semitism and racism.” According to the lobby group’s online profile of Benlolo, he has ties to “Elie Wiesel, Salman Rushdie, Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Condoleezza Rice, John Howard and Rudy Giuliani.”

Avi Benlolo has already published several articles complaining about BDS. He opens with the following, in one article in which he feebly defends what he calls the “Standing Up Against Anti-Semitism Act in Ontario”: “It’s easy to criticize when you are not on the front lines. It’s even simpler to preach what’s right and wrong when you are not actually part of the process or witness to an event.”

In Benlolo’s viewpoint, he and Israel are on the front lines; the reality that the Israel lobby tries to hide is that it is the Palestinians who are on the front lines of an indefinite military occupation, where teenage girls are often times executed in the streets by occupation forces; other times, it’s the settlers who do the killing, and Israel soldiers cover up the crime by planting a knife.

Benlolo is not someone who sympathizes with people who have been living under military rule for their entire lives. Rather, he perpetuates an agenda that maintains a society that is in favor of their supposed soldiers executing defenseless Palestinian victims.

Some Palestinian children have lived through already three wars. Over five hundred children were slain in the 2014 summer massacre. Benlolo is incapable of addressing facts like these. Instead, he helps plot even more war and murder against the children of Palestine. Benlolo claims to care about human rights, and yet his job is to ensure that slaughtering thousands of Palestinian civilians and subjecting millions more to intense racism, discrimination and violence is met with not even the slightest resistance or criticism. Any single Canadian politician who states a mild retort back at Israel’s right wing colonialist attitude is soon after jobless.

Avi Benlolo argues that “over 30,000 families and a substantial group of students” are victims to “BDS and anti-Semitism.”  He claims that Jews who do not defend Israel and Zionism the way he does are “court Jews[s]” and that his generation—the old timers with the cash and the control over government leaderships—are “deeply involved in the game, working on behalf of students and parents who are fed up by those who dismiss their legitimate fears and concerns.”

Avi Benlolo’s opinions clearly reek of hypocrisy. For one thing, his supposed legitimate fear is that the Zionist regime will have to grant Palestinians human rights (and the right to vote, for example), and that the military occupation must stop; therefore, there will be less Israeli soldiers to protect settler extremists while they abuse and murder defenseless indigenous people. To the Zionists, this is concerning.

Whose cause is more legitimate between the Zionists’ and the Palestinians’?

Benlolo operates on a clear-cut agenda. When he criticizes the BDS movement as antisemitic, he makes no mention of the plethora of young Jews and Jewish groups who oppose Israel and Zionism. It is not in his interest to admit that the Zionist regime is enforcing an indefinite occupation against the indigenous people of Palestine; that the Zionist regime continues to seize and colonize, leaving Palestinians homeless; Benlolo does not bring up the thousands of innocent Palestinian civilians massacred by Israeli bombs, except to indicate to the masses that the tragic results are a consequence of Hamas—human shields, and other dull hasbara.

Avi Benlolo is definitely incapable of discussing the openly racist rhetoric hurled by Zionist politicians themselves. It has become wildly documented that Israeli society and Zionist politicians are even racist towards black people.

The fact that Benlolo and his clique conflate Judaism with Zionism is itself antisemitic. Zionism functions in a way that presupposes Jews must support Israel—a relatively recent colony in the Middle East—and that they must offer unquestionable support for the Zionist project and its perpetual war against a stateless people who are surrounded by a brainwashed society that vows to exterminate them. If Israel operates in such a way, surely it itself is antisemitic?

In his essay, Why Zionism is Antisemetism, Sam Kriss (who also happens to be Jewish) asserts:

“There’s a constantly repeated line, that anti-zionism is just a veiled form of antisemitism – but if you look at it closely, it becomes something highly unpleasant: if an insult to Israel is an insult to all Jews, then it follows that we’re all united, borg-like, behind the Jewish state, and that we’re all complicit in whatever it does. If this position were articulated by a Gentile, we’d rightfully accuse them of antisemitism. But this is how Israel expects us to behave. Why do they get away with it? Netanyahu describes himself as the leader of the Jewish people, empowered to speak on my behalf. The Jewish people have been around far longer than Benjamin Netanyahu, or the State of Israel for that matter. I never asked for him. Whenever Jews are attacked somewhere else in the world, some Israeli minister commands us all to flee to historic Palestine and shelter under his nuclear umbrella: the dream of state zionism is of a Europe without any Jews. Did they dream it themselves? […]The Israeli state doesn’t regard diaspora Jewry as its progenitor, or as a community in which it is embedded; it sees us as a colonised population under its command. Our leaders are its hostages. Our institutions are its instruments. It imposes its taxes: we have to give to the JNF, volunteer in its army or on its kibbutzim, sign its petitions, share its propaganda. We have to dive gleefully into the supermarkets and fill our trolleys with houmous to break the boycott. We have to suffer, out here in the desert, trapped with a strange people, so that it can have its reason to exist. We are unable to speak, and so the state of Israel will speak for us: it knows what we want better than we do ourselves, and what we want is war. Jews in the English-speaking world are commanded to buy holiday homes in Eilat; Jews in Continental Europe are commanded to pack up their belongings, abandon their homes and identities, and become Israelis. (The Hebrew word for migration to Israel, aliyah, has echoes of the German Aufheben: to go up, but also to cancel out.) When Jews refuse to submit, when we break ranks to speak out against Israeli atrocities or the mad, antiquated idea of zionism, there’s the terror of a slave revolt; the fury that rises against an anti-zionist Jew is far more terrible than that which faces any ordinary Gentile antisemite. Israel barfs the history and diversity of the Jewish people in the face of the world, all sparkles and tapestries, but when we’re alone together it grabs us close by the lapels and hisses through bloodstained teeth: know your place.”

Boycotting Israel because it is occupying a nation and denying basic human rights to those indigenous people is not antisemitic. Claiming that a peaceful boycott like that is antisemitic…is. Benlolo sullies Judaism, just like Zionism does as a whole. And the Israel lobby insults the intelligence of activists and Jews who support BDS and/or oppose Israel’s Zionist regime.

The United Nations recently hosted an anti-BDS pep rally that gathered lobbyists and racist politicians as well as college students dragged by their ears; the CEOs of companies were present, and joined in on the racist rhetoric. Try hard if they will, but the Zionists’ cause has been embarrassing since the start, and their attempts to justify themselves are even worse.

How to email all the MPPs in Ontario, Canada


































Jfraser.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org (jfraser.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org);

JFrench-QP@ndp.on.ca (jfrench-qp@ndp.on.ca);




LGretzky-QP@ndp.on.ca (lgretzky-qp@ndp.on.ca);



PHatfield-QP@ndp.on.ca (phatfield-qp@ndp.on.ca);




























Pmilczyn.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org (pmilczyn.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org);
















Psattler-qp@ndp.on.ca (psattler-qp@ndp.on.ca);



















The 2nd email I wrote to criminal Ontario MPPs

How can you claim to be anti racist and then be a spokesperson for zionism? If you truly believe in the goodness of your actions, I challenge you to watch a simple ten minute long documentary proving to you that the zionist regime is racist, and not even towards arabs in this instance, but to black people. If this is how racist they are towards black people, how racist do you think zionists are towards arabs?


Non-white Jews are considered a demographic threat by zionist politicians. do you understand that that is racism? Can you read what zionist politicians say, verbatim? Here are literal quotes (scroll down half the page):


Just the other week there was an article in Salon pointing at the realities of the zionist military occupation of Palestine.


How in god’s name can you honestly pretend to be doing goodness with your support for Israel? The zionist regime is the most right wing regime on the entire planet. Its own former politicians and Mossad chiefs warn of Israel’s zionist settler colonial ideology.


Do you think ordinary people are stupid? Do you really think conflating zionism with Judaism will work? Do you know how many Jews oppose Israel and support bds? Do you honestly think that outlawing a peaceful boycott of zionist movement is not an infringement on free speech? I mean I can totally see you criminals governing us passing such a shameful law. But it is absolutely abhorrently evil. It is a true shame that our entire governing body is susceptible to the zionist lobbies in Canada. These corrupt gangsters like avi benlolo lobbying for a pro zionist agenda; getting politicians in Canada fired.

The Israel lobby has been extensively exposed…. http://www.lrb.co.uk/v28/n06/john-mearsheimer/the-israel-lobby

If you had any spine at all, you, the politicians, would be covering each other’s backs, working together against this inhumane zionist agenda–which is to prolong the military occupation, the ethnic cleaning of poor indigenous people, and preventing them from basic human rights, the right to vote, the right for goddamn water and electricity. And who are the zionists bringing to live on occupied land? Ultranationalist settlers that burn babies alive and then get released from prison after ten months of detention? And not to mention the barbaric zionists celebrating the murder of the Palestinian baby and the rest of the victims.


You should be ashamed of yourselves. You are helping zionists murder people with impunity. This has nothing to do with Judaism; this has everything to do with zionism being antisemitic itself! The zionist movement is the biggest creator of antisemitism, and you idiots in the governing body are trying to tell us that BDS is antisemitic for being against “the Jewish community”? Are you people high? You are suppressing free speech and targeting a peaceful grassroots boycott of a terrorist, warmongering regime. And you say bds will never achieve peace; it’s not working. so why the fuck are you and the Israel lobby freaking out over it and trying to pass racist bills? Bds won’t achieve peace, but you apathetic status quo politicians and the corrupt ass UN (whose peacekeepers are busy raping people?) don’t achieve peace either. All you do is help the racist zionist gangster regime while it continues its criminal enterprise.

Do you seriously think ordinary citizens aren’t seeing through this shit? It is unbelievable. Not a shred of impartiality on this topic on cp24 or any of those other garbage ass fake news programs. Trudeau already passing an anti bds motion. Wynne is pandering to Israel, signing off on millions in investments. Why the fucking hell is Ontario, Canada intermingling financially with an explicitly racist colonialist alleged state? Are you guys serious? What kind of resistance is acceptable against zionist occupation and war crimes? No sanctions, no meaningful repercussions. Canada has Israel’s back, and it doesn’t get anything in return. No matter what, Canada will always be there diplomatically for Israel. Even if Canada says Israel does bad things somethings–and never does anything to make sure Israel doesn’t do it again.

So I ask you, why the hell are you taking orders from Canada’s Israel lobby? This entire political and economic spectrum needs to be teared down. You people are so corrupt, cold hearted, and bigoted. Do you know what it’s like for children living in Gaza, where their siblings and parents are murdered by Israel? Do you know how depressing that is? And you are making Canadian citizens depressed due to your unquestionable support for Israel. And you are trying to suppress the dissent we are creating out of sheer depression for what you are doing to our homeland and the Middle East in general. The depression and humiliation of the actual people living in Gaza is exponentially worse. It’s not plausible or safe to visit one’s homeland due to this barbaric occupation, where arabs are not given human rights.

I don’t understand the political system. Like why do we pay tribute to the queen of England? Why do we romanticize our past imperialism? We are a fairly advanced planet we can say, so when can we start granting equal rights to everybody, instead of pilfering foreign countries, invading them and killing them by the millions? To hell with these lobby groups, benlolo and bronfman and fswc or whatever the fuck that criminal organization is called. Who are those zionists who own Indigo and Chapters? How do the zionists get their clutches on every facet of our infected society? Just stop this racist oppressiveness in its tracks. Otherwise the Israel lobby in Canada will just keep coming, every month, with another campaign to end bds on campuses and in the country. The zionists cannot single out a grassroots peaceful boycott. Unless you people let them….. so don’t. Otherwise you are creating rifts and conflict in Canadian society. what is more important to you? The zionists continuing their ethnic cleansing with impunity and depriving Palestinians of human rights? Or how Canadians feel about the most unjust situation, and perhaps the cause of our generation? (maybe i wouldn’t want to hear your answers.)

Feminism must become Activism

Feeling as though this is a touchy subject, I did a Google search for like twenty five minutes and read a couple of reactionary pieces to feminism; what are its faults? How can it get better? That sort of thing.

Where we should want to get is, nobody needs to be told men and women should be treated completely equally, especially in the sense of freedom from legal, social, and political restrictions. Gender equality must claim an undisputed reality where, humans–feminists, potentially–jump right into scheming and lobbying for human equality, which would mean freedom for everybody, man, woman, and child, living in the entire world.

Whilst probing my hypothesis further, I found a very good way of explaining….

“In the era of state-organised capitalism, we rightly criticised a constricted political vision that was so intently focused on class inequality that it could not see such “non-economic” injustices as domestic violence, sexual assault and reproductive oppression. Rejecting “economism” and politicising “the personal”, feminists broadened the political agenda to challenge status hierarchies premised on cultural constructions of gender difference. The result should have been to expand the struggle for justice to encompass both culture and economics. But the actual result was a one-sided focus on “gender identity” at the expense of bread and butter issues. Worse still, the feminist turn to identity politics dovetailed all too neatly with a rising neoliberalism that wanted nothing more than to repress all memory of social equality. In effect, we absolutised the critique of cultural sexism at precisely the moment when circumstances required redoubled attention to the critique of political economy.”

I campaign for equal rights for people on the planet. I say I’m an activist, especially an anti zionist activist, which is convenient since zionism is one of the biggest evil schemes that jeopardizes mankind. If I’m an activist of this sort, would I not already qualify as a feminist? Someone who wants to “emancipate women”? Since I already want to emancipate everybody, of every gender and race?

If feminism wants to free women from legal, social, and political restrictions, should it not be on the front lines confronting the military occupation of Palestine? How many Palestinian girls are shot dead per week? That is not to say, I am trying to  manipulate feminism to benefit my specific cause. What about the women who were killed in Iraq, or any other country in the world, by hegemonic powers? Is the feminist movement blind to US soldiers and UN workers raping women from other countries which they were exploiting?

For feminism, wouldn’t it be a good idea to stop the problem at its roots?

If we can stop global super powers from invading other countries and causing instability so that an institution which they fund to supposedly keep them in check and do good doesn’t have to intervene and send more rapists to a third world country, then America’s own soldiers wouldn’t be raping foreign women, thus restricting them from the very same liberties feminism claims to vouch for.

Instead, feminism has become paraded around. Emma Watson must have been paid handsomely to spout some silliness at the UN. The media and Hollywood are the tools of the one percent, which will exploit anything it can to keep the ordinary people divided. Limiting feminism to gender differences and equality–but only for people living in America, Canada, Europe, and all the other “developed” places, and yet not for the people the oppressive establishment is often times massacring, is incredibly hypocritical.

If the adherers of “feminism” want to make right by themselves, and by their own thesis that they present, they have to broaden the scope and find out why the world works the way it works. How did it get to this point? Hopefully the end result is something similar to Black Lives Matter, which treats injustice as injustice, no if, ands, or buts.

Once they’re with the resistance of the free people revolting against the establishment that takes their money and does corrupt things with it (including buying weapons and attacking and invading other countries to take their resources, and yes, rape their indigenous women) feminists will no longer be taken lightly or critiqued heavily from all angles, because it would be resisting at the real source of the problem. The only people hating feminism at that point would be anyone with a pro military industrial complex cause (the one percent), since these are the people influencing and bribing the government to continue to enforce a hawkish right wing agenda.

Feminism must somehow become a movement that scares the shit out of corporate and political elites. I am hopeful that the world is on the brink of revolution. We just need to unite a little bit more, and it’s already happening. Look at Codepink: Women for Peace, where taking a stand against political corruption and the sheer mass murder of civilians in Middle Eastern countries amongst other things is the mantra. Fearless women like Ariel Gold telling a powerful dynasty like the Clintons, that the people are tired of their shit.

I’m sorry George Galloway

I got in trouble with George Galloway. I don’t like getting into trouble with actual people. I wonder if they’ll limit my life’s potential in some way. I never want to tweet something that gets me in trouble with the “law and order” which I despise so much for being discriminatory and outright racist. What I learned after this experience was how strongly a single smear affects a politician running for office. Galloway was running for mayor of London at the time all of this took place.

After reading the apologetic tweet, a simple “really” is comical to me. Maybe it’s because I use that line often. Need I be persecuted for it?

Another funny part about all this is the fake tweet itself–George Galloway supposedly refusing to take questions from zionists, or anything Putin or Iran related. Why would George Galloway ever say such a thing? There are countless of videos of him squashing zionists in debates. His opinion on many things, not only Putin or Iran related, should always be welcomed. He is, after all, known to be a voice for the voiceless, so his insight should theoretically strive for more human equality and less oppression.

Then there’s this guy that prances around George on Twitter, keeping him in the know, referring to him as bro. Okay, is that not funny? I don’t dislike either one of these fellows. They are anti zionist, and that’s excellent by me. But yes, they are funny to me. They made me laugh. And I have a tendency to laugh at the most cold hearted things, despite being so tender hearted myself, but it’s the way you look at things, the way they sound in your head…. Everything can be funny, if you really want to let it.

And then the lady is all sassy, too, saying that its her radio show, or whatever. She treats her smear like an honest mistake. But how do you make that mistake if you’re so important that you have your own radio show for fuck’s sake? I hope Galloway did not lose the election over something like this. And I’m sorry I posted what I thought to be a harmless tweet that actually seemed to annoy George Galloway.

I volunteered my breath for the cops

After my hockey game, it was past midnight and I began the long journey down the main road I would take for about twelve kilometres till I’d turn right into my neighbourhood. There were cops stationed and they signalled that they would like for me to stop. I did so reluctantly, as I was dead tired with planned appointments early the next day.

The old gruff officer was nice for a second. “Hey, how are you?”

Expecting something scarier, I said, “Good, how are you?”

“Where are you coming from?” he asked, and he pointed his flashlight around through the window.

I spouted to him the truth, because I am painfully honest and non-filtered. “Canlan Hockey Rink. Just finished a game.” And I lowered the tinted back window for him to see my skates which I kept there. “And those are my skates.”

“Canlan Hockey Rink,” he repeated. “And how many beers did you have at Canlan Hockey Rink.”

Again, not expecting such a straight-to-the point insinuation, and responding straight away without hesitation, I said, “None. None at all.” I didn’t think they believed me, because I don’t think anybody does. After a moment of the cops staring at me sceptically, I said, “I’ll volunteer my breath.”

And then a celebration ensued. “We got you one!” the gruff cop said to his younger colleague. “He’s offering for you to take his breath.”

As if they were confident that they’d caught me, I reiterated out loud: “I don’t even drink.”

“You don’t drink?” they asked uneasily.

“No. I don’t.” I was scared their crappy machine would malfunction, or that I was to be framed by zionists.

The cops were still sure of themselves. They even looked giddy. I was really scared. I don’t like people with alleged authority and carrying guns being happy that I’d be giving them breath, giving them the evidence–like an idiot–that would incriminate me for drinking and driving.

They told me to park up at the curb in front of another SUV which had its high beams on, reflecting right off my left mirror and into my face. The younger, handsome, very strong looking cop circled my car and read my licence plate on his radio, clearly checking to make sure I wasn’t a wanted fugitive.

He came to my window. He carried a notepad and a breathalyzer. He took my driver’s license from me. He mumbled, “Okay, so first I gotta read something to you.”

As he flipped through his notepad, I wondered, shouldn’t he have memorized that script by now? Something along the lines of, “During this occurrence, you will be breathing into the mechanism and I will collect a sample of your breath. Do you agree?”

I memorize lots of scripts for my job, and I’m sure many people do.

As repugnant as it was, and despite being in the clasps of the oppressive establishment itself, I agreed. He started to show me how the machine worked. He would be holding it out for me. I had to wait for it to beep, and then I’d breathe a really long breath.

I did it. I breathed all the breath I had while the young cop urged, “breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Harder. Harder.”

It didn’t work.

“We’ll have to try again,” the cop mumbled.

“Really?” I said. “Man, I want to go home. I have to wake up for work tomorrow.”

“Yeah, well, we’ll do it again, here….”

I did as he commanded.

“Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Harder. Keep going. Ugh….”

The cop decided we had to try a whole other time. For whatever reason, maybe the angle at which I was doing the act–out the window, with my neck craned uncomfortably–their shitty piece of technology could not measure that there was absolutely no alcohol drunk by me in the near past.  The gruff cop approached my vehicle and scolded me, something along the lines of: “If you can’t give us a proper sample, you’ll be charged with failing to give us what we requested from you.”

“Well, I’m tired,” I said. “I just played hockey and I’m tired. I breathed a lot. How come it doesn’t work?”

“If an eighty year old lady can do it, you can,” the old gruff cop said.

“I’m trying my best,” I whined out to them. “Please don’t charge me with anything.”

The young cop was a bit compassionate. “If you truly didn’t drink, then you have nothing to worry about.

I offered to step out of the car and they accepted. They told me to go out onto the side of the road where we’d try another time.

I was feeling more determined now. I wanted to get it over with and escape their stupid clutches.”How much breath does this machine need?” I complained.

“If an eighty year old woman can do it, you can!”

“Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Harder. Harder. Harder. Okay good.”

The gruff cop looked over the shoulder of his handsome protege with earnest. “Zero,” they announced, disappointedly.

They told me I had to go back to my car and wait.

“Ugh. Do I have to wait?” Weren’t we done?

“Yes, go there and wait.”

The young cop came back to return my driver’s license. “Thank you. Drive safe, okay?”

An email I wrote to a couple MPPs

The zionist lobbies of Canada are really desperate to stifle BDS, especially in Ontario, where BDS has grown strong, with strong support on university campuses for example. Since zionism is inherently an antisemitic settler colonial ultra nationalist ideology, one can see why those wielding the dwindling power of the racist establishment would want to squash dissent in the form of snatching away activists’ freedom of speech, expression, and rights to a have (* gasp *) a nonviolent peaceful opinion that urges the end of the military occupation of Palestine and the granting of human rights for Palestinians living under “Israeli” rule.

I put quotation marks around the name of the supposed state because it does not act like a normal state. It is therefore an alleged state–one that claims to be a beacon of freedom and democracy, and yet openly discriminates against Arabs, often times shooting them dead in the streets. Until “Israel” starts acting differently, it in my opinion should be rejected as being a state. If anything, it is a gangster state ruled by criminals (so is imperial America, but “Israel” in much more glaring, barbaric, and preposterous fashion; preposterous because its politicians openly declare that there will never be an independent and free Palestinian state, that “Israel” will continue to expand its borders, that Palestinian children and civilians should be murdered without repercussions for their assailants, that they should even be beheaded…the list goes on and on).

In contrast, America invades a country and murders an entire military leadership, killing millions in the process, and keeps it off mainstream media. When criticized, it shrugs its shoulders, says sorry, and pretends to do something nice for a couple minutes. Meanwhile, the zionist regime would never accept criticism, incapable of self reflection, still in the early stages of colonizing a country. At least here, in the West, we know we ethnically cleansed the natives, and we feel bad about it. That’s right, we feel bad.

 “The boycott movement against Israel is a non violent method to urge an end to the military occupation and colonization of Palestine. Canada and America have provided consistent diplomatic and financial support for Israel for decades. Canada and America have said nor done no worse than offering a slap on the wrist for Israel’s settlement policy. As you can see, Israel has continued to build settlements and clearly does not take criticism by the international community seriously. The only thing zionists will take seriously is meaningful repercussions for their continual war crimes. Since the United Nations is practically useless and exists to serve mainly imperial America and its allies, and since the international community does not pose sanctions or really any consequences for the illegal activities of the zionist regime, the ordinary people of the this planet are peacefully boycotting the zionist regime.

If you allow this new anti bds law in Ontario, you are officially heartless criminals. You CANNOT just take away peoples’ rights to have a political opinion, to unite and promote a peaceful boycott against a clearcut apartheid state. We have a plethora of anti zionist Jews and institutions boycotting Israel. And your dogma proposed does not even define bds properly. This is an obvious example of the corrupt establishment abusing power. The zionist lobbies of Canada have heavily infiltrated the federal and provincial governments. It is absolutely shameful, a complete embarrassment. And you tried to sneak it by society without any media covering it. Good thing Electronic Intifada got wind of it and we were able to alert the bds movement representatives for Ontario university campuses.

The ordinary people are tired of your double standards, where anything to hold Israel accountable is off the table, but any anti imperialistic country like Iran or Russia is demonized. Trudeau prances around pretending to be an aboriginal hero yet is completely complicit in the systematic extermination and military occupation of Palestinians.

Your draconian law is unacceptable and will create danger in Canadian society. You are creating a larger divide by attempting to outlaw bds in Ontario and on university campuses. Don’t try it.”

I sent this email from an anonymous email account to try and save myself from being blacklisted by whatever NSA programs are infested within the Internet. I received one response from an MPP, who agreed to vote down the racist discriminatory bill the zionist lobbies were attempting to pass in my home province. To ensure this MPP does not get ousted, assassinated, or smeared by zionists, I will reserve his name.

Here’s Why Ayelet, Chabon, and the other writers are awesome

While reading the Washington Posts’s story titled “Here’s what happened when some famous writers went to visit some hardcore Jewish settlers,” I was almost half expecting some kind of anchor, some catch, one last tidbit of unconditional support for zionist extremism.

My childhood idol, the idle of many, the author of the imaginative and good-natured Harry Potter saga, the now-magnate and super-rich J.K. Rowling, wrote a letter condemning the peaceful global boycott of “Israel.” This boycott is the only threat to the barbaric colonialist ideology which is zionism. [Update: JKR is now part of the coup trying to oust Corbyn, and she is embarrassingly neoliberal, as she puts it herself, as she squashes ordinary people in her Twitter mentions, like a…BITCH.]

It is refreshing, then, to find that not all writers have the tendency to be sellouts and apologists for racism. Ayelet Waldman and her husband Michael Chabon were courted by Breaking the Silence to write a collection of essays portraying the reality of the occupied people and their occupiers. What I like about how the delegation handles themselves is that they are fearless. Ayelet is very clear when she says it’s not about being impartial.

“There are not two sides to an occupation. There are two sides to a conflict, but there are not two sides to an occupation,” she said. “There are occupied and the occupiers.”

I am happy that Ayelet, her husband, and the rest of the writers exist. The indefinite occupation and ethnic cleansing of Palestine probably is the greatest injustice of this generation, and really defines one of the few roots of global corruption. The zionist expansionist agenda is a constant war for regional dominance and precious resources such as oil.

If we the ordinary people and the compassionate artists of our world do not do something, pretty soon the whole place is going to get nuked. I don’t know if J.K. Rowling has a billion dollar bunker prepared (maybe she does), but at least some notable people, Jews, in fact, are capable of standing on the right side of a human rights issue.

“I said yes immediately,” said [Assaf] Gavron [One of the writers who was in turn courted]. “It’s an important issue. It’s probably one of the most important problems we have as a state, as a society. As a writer, you always want to do things for issues that you believe in. I haven’t done much, but I can do this.”

I’d kill to do this, too. But sadly I don’t have the capabilities and skills that these excellent humans possess. I also don’t have a well structured life, which as Chabon says, is necessary to write proper stuff to get myself on the ticket.